Таверна Зорбас

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Место Категория: рестораны, еда и напитки и Surf & SaveМесто Ключевые слова: гриль и морепродукты

  • Профиль

    A tavern with an excellent reputation for its Greek specialties — Taverna Zorbas on Kalamitsi beach

    Taverna Zorbas is a well known Greek tavern in Kalamitsi, Halkidiki. We are located directly on one of Sithonia’s most beautiful beaches. In the morning the fishermen returns with his catch. What will he bring us today? Be there when he comes to Janni, we will let you choose the fish that you would like us to prepare.


    Whether you like calamari (squid), fresh fish, or even traditional Greek meats like souvlaki, we take pride in our reputation and will prepare these to perfection. We also have a variety of tasty appetizers and our menu also accommodates vegetarians.

    Escape the heat of the sun under the shade on our patio or sit next to the waves of the open sea in the sands of the main beach in Kalamitsi. The sun beds in front of our restaurant are yours to use free of charge. At least once a week in the high season we organize a traditional greek dance evening where you will get the opportunity to learn how to dance like the Greeks with an ouzo in one hand and a smile on your face!

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